ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and testing service

Gamma Scientific has been providing test and calibration services for over 60 years. We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP (NVLAP lab code 200823-0), ensuring fully traceable and highly precise calibration. 

A wide range of capabilities, coupled with an extensive catalog of instrumentation, allows for the testing and calibration of nearly every type of industry standard. If you require calibration services, please use our contact form.

Gamma Scientific ensures you remain in compliance with your own regulatory and quality management systems. We are accredited in color measurements, life testing, electrical, photometric, and temperature measurements, luminaire, and decorative string light testing and characterization.

Calibration & Testing serivces

  • Spectroradiometer-based precision testing solutions for displays include measurements for color, chromaticity, gamma, white balance, contrast, flicker, and uniformity.

  • LCD, LED, OLED, and Quantum Dot technologies are easily accommodated at our facilities.
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Near Eye Display
  • Leading night vision compatibility testing on cockpit displays and aircraft lighting since the induction of MIL-L-85762 in 1986.
  • Leveraging our HUD expertise with our state-of-the-art spectrometer, we developed the first E-Series ‘robotic eye’ AR/VR test system, which characterizes devices just as a human eye will experience them.
Light Source
  • Over 30 years of experience calibrating standard lamps for laboratory transfers. 

  • Offering low-uncertainty calibration transfers directly from NIST primary standards, including 1000W FEL irradiance standards, low-level light radiance sources, and nearly every type of 3rd party light source standards.
Light Meter
  • We offer low-uncertainty calibrations directly from NIST standards. 

  • From radiometers and photometers to UV meters, our wide range of capabilities allows for the calibration of nearly every type of 3rd party detector standard.
Thin Film
  • Our reflectance laboratory uses multiple-angle reflectometry and other spectroscopic methods to measure film properties. 

  • Applications include glass coatings, photovoltaic coatings, protective coatings, semiconductors, and more.
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  • RoadVista® provides measurements of all types of material performed on our 15-meter photometric range in accordance with ASTM, CEN, ANSI, DIN, ISO, SAE, and many other specifications. 

  • Measure retroreflection, nighttime color chromaticity, spectral reflectance, effective intensity, luminous intensity, and many others.

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