Physicians can’t do their jobs without the right equipment. Doctors need specific tools to ensure procedures go according to plan. One of the things doctors use regularly is light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. This brief article will explain how LED is used in the medical field, and why it’s such an important component within the industry.

Surgical Light

One way LED is used in the medical field is through surgical lighting. Doctors need to have the most transparent view possible when they’re performing surgery. LEDs provide the perfect surgical light because they last longer, and they emit less heat. Therefore, surgeons don’t have to worry about the bulb going out in the middle of a procedure. LED technology can change the color properties of the light as well. This isn’t available in conventional lighting systems. Since LED technology can change the color properties of light, doctors can adjust the lighting to their preferences. LED technology is perfect for surgical headsets, too. Surgeons can be more mobile and get a better look at the wound or area they’re treating with LED equipment.

Phototherapy in Wound Healing

LED equipment is also used in something called phototherapy. Phototherapy is proven to help wounds heal faster. Primarily, the LED equipment works to promote blood circulation and numerous anti-inflammatory processes. It helps realign collagen fibers and gets everything back in order. In layman’s terms, LED technology helps the skin repair itself after it is wounded. Phototherapy can be used for more than wound healing, however. People who have eczema or other skin disorders can undergo phototherapy to clear the affected areas. Phototherapy can minimize scarring and help skin look more smoothed over.

LED Equipment and Brain Functionality

LED technology can also improve the cognitive ability of people with brain injuries. Essentially, LED equipment is hooked up to a person’s brain. From there, the technology can increase blood flow to the brain. LED equipment is particularly beneficial to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. The mitochondria produce an energy-inducing chemical called ATP. ATP promotes sharper thinking. So in essence, LED brain therapy can help generate more ATP, which in turn promotes sharper thinking. This therapy is typically performed on war veterans who have brain injuries.

LED equipment is an invaluable tool within the medical field. LED technology improves surgical lighting, so doctors have a better view when they’re performing surgeries. LED technology can also heal wounds quicker and even improve brain functionality for people with limited cognitive abilities. Since LED equipment is such an integral component of the medical field, it’s crucial that the equipment is always running correctly. The skilled team at Gamma Scientific has the best LED measurement systems in the business. We’ll ensure that every piece of equipment is always working, so no technology fails when you need it the most.