Our unique 1st surface reflectance measurement system ensures that anti-reflectance coatings on displays, eyewear, AR and VR glasses, and architectural glass consistently minimize glare and reflection. This enhances visibility across various lighting conditions while optimizing functionality and aesthetics. Rigorous testing of anti-reflectance coatings is fundamental to achieving optimal performance, uniformity and color consistency in industrial glass and display products. 

Solutions can be customized as benchtop transmission measurement systems, semi-automatic gonioreflectance measurement systems, and fully automatic measurement systems. Our team of specialists can tailor a solution to your unique needs, supporting onsite installation and training. 

Modular Solutions for Reflectance Measurement Applications

Display Technologies

AR coatings is essential in displays to minimize reflective glare and enhance visibility of displays. For best image quality, AR coating has to be matched to the Display color. Advancing display technologies, including 2D, 3D curved, AR and VR, requires critical testing of these anti-reflectance coatings for reflectance and color. Gamma Scientific’s reflectance measurement systems are designed to exceed your most demanding testing standards, supporting a wide range of devices from smartphones and tablets to monitors and augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality headsets.

Architectural Glass

In industrial and architectural glass applications, anti-reflectance coatings enhance the appearance and energy effciency of buildings and vehicles. Gamma Scientific’s advanced gonioreflectance measurement systems provide rapid test results, giving our customers confidence in the performance, quality, and uniformity of appearance of their modern glass products. 

Near Eye Display (NED)

Anti-reflectance coatings must meet high standards to ensure that Near Eye Displays (NEDs) perform as expected, delivering the intended performance, durability, and user experience. Uniformity in these coatings is essential to preserve the immersive experience that NEDs, including AR/MR glasses and VR devices, aim to deliver.

Gamma Scientific’s Reflectance Head series provides non-contact measurements of coatings on NEDs, AR/MR glasses, and VR devices. These tools enable accurate characterization and quality control of anti-reflectance coatings to meet strict industry standards. The Reflectance Head series uniquely measures coatings on curved glass surfaces (both internal and external), which is essential for optimal performance and quality.


Gamma Scientific’s Gonioreflectometer Head is at the core of our reflectance measurement system, uniquely isolating the first surface specular reflection to capture and accurate measure reflectance and color of AR coatings 

The Gonioreflectance Measurement System separates reflection from the first and second surface samples into two beams. Available specular reflectance angles with external distance sensor: 10, 30, 45, 60, and 75 degrees. Gamma Scientific’s proprietary design enable 1st surface reflectance measurements on transparent glass as thin as 0.4mm and is able to measure reflectance below 0.1%.


Our state-of-the-art spectrometers and Gamma Scientific’s AR Measurement Software process rapid spectral reflectance measurements. 

Our reflectance measurement systems are designed to measure multiple angles, offering precise reflectivity and light transmission measurements. These systems efficiently capture thin film coatings’ complete spectral and colorimetric properties, with rapid scan times typically under one second. 

Gamma Scientific’s reflectance measurement solutions have been trusted by the leading glass coating and display manufacturers for over 50 years. We enable our customers to excel by providing them with the industry’s foremost spectral reflectance measurement systems, ensuring their products deliver an unmatched visual experience.