Going to the dentist is such a hassle. No one likes sitting on that massive chair with their mouth wide open. One of the worst parts about the experience is when your dentist shines that tiny blue light in your face. As unpleasant as the situation may be, getting our teeth checked is vital for our health. Moreover, dentists must use technological equipment to get the job done. This article will overview how LED is used in dentistry. Perhaps if you learn about why this lighting is important, you’ll be less irritated the next time you visit your dentist.

What is a Curing Light?

We’ve all sat in a dentist’s chair and watched them pull out a tiny device with a blue light shining from it. In dentistry, a curing light is a tool that experts use to make a filling for a cavity. When you get a cavity, your dentist uses equipment to poke and prod at the hole to clean it out. Once the tooth is decay-free, they must put a filling in your tooth to fill the gap. That filling is created using a curing light. There are two different types of curing lights: halogen and LED. Nowadays, most dentists use LED because it’s much safer and more energy-efficient. Halogen curing lights tend to overheat, which can cause severe damage to the filling it’s trying to create, as well as the tooth itself.

Benefits of LED Curing Lights

LED curing lights don’t overheat. Most halogen curing lights require a fan component inside the device to help them cool down. This cooling agent is not needed for LED curing lights, so most dentists prefer them. Since LED curing lights don’t need an internal fan, they’re more lightweight and portable. LED curing lights are much easier for professionals to use. Essentially, the LEDs work to mold a filling’s material to a person’s tooth. The lighting melts the material so that the dentist can shape it perfectly. Without LED curing lights, dentists would have an incredibly tricky time fixing cavities for their patients.

Additional Uses

Dentists do use LED lighting in other areas of their profession as well, including surgical lighting. It’s important that dentistry experts can see what’s going on inside a person’s mouth. They often wear surgical headgear with LED lighting to get a better look. Yet, LED is still mostly used in curing lights.

Since these devices are so crucial to their work, dentists must make sure everything they purchase is top-of-the-line. Those in the field must ensure they buy their products from trusted manufacturers. Professionals have to know if their producers had access to proper LED testing equipment before they buy anything. Here at Gamma Scientific, we’re proud to provide manufacturers with the best testing equipment available. We know how essential LED lighting is in so many fields, and it’s our mission to keep users safe and well.