Various factors go into ensuring your light measurement solution meets standards. At Gamma Scientific, we conduct testing and on-site calibration so you can achieve peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving the most precise measurement of light distribution. Here are common factors involved with evaluating LED light measurement: 

  • goniometric measurement
  • total flux measurement
  • integrating spheres
  • LED test systems

Related Products

Goniometer Systems

Optimized to provide precise measurement of angle dependent spatial radiation properties of LED luminaires, lamps and other light-producing modules, while achieving optical properties as a function of angle.

Total Flux Measurement Solutions

Combination of a RadOMA Spectrometer and an integrating sphere for total flux (total power) and color measurements of LED, micro LED and Luminaires.

Integrating Sphere Solutions

Light collectors that take advantage of physical geometry to homogenize any radiation being emitted inside by relying on a high-reflectance coating material.