Light Intensity Measurement Devices

Gamma Scientific offers a catalog of professional light intensity measurement devices for photometric and radiometric applications. These devices are typically utilized by laboratories, OEM’s, value-added resellers and other groups seeking to accurately measure light intensity and brightness. Browse our light intensity measurement device catalogs to find the right photometry or radiometry solution today.

Photometry involves the measurement of electromagnetic radiation in terms of luminous power – or the capacity to stimulate the human visual system and to be perceived as light. Photometric quantities include: luminous flux – in lumens (lm), luminous intensity (lm/sr), illuminance (lm/m2) and luminance (lm/m/sr).   

Radiometry involves the measurement of electromagnetic radiation in terms of radiant energy – that is, measurement values are equally weighted, whether visible or invisible to the human eye. Radiometric quantities include:  radiant flux (W), irradiance (W/m2) and radiance (W/m/sr).