How Light Meters are Used in Dentistry

How Light Meters are Used in Dentistry

Dentists need to have several tools at their disposal to help their patients resolve issues. Dental professionals need drills, picks, and suction tools to maneuver around someone’s mouth. These experts also use devices known as a curing light to resolve a plethora of problems. However, as this article will show, a curing light is only as sufficient as the light meter that’s used to calibrate it. This piece explains how light meters are used in dentistry and why this equipment is invaluable to the field.

Curing Lights: An In-Depth Analysis

Curing lights are essential tools in the field of dentistry. Generally, these LED-powered lights mold materials to fit into someone’s mouth. For example, dentists use curing lights to create fillings for patients who have cavities. Yet, their applications go far beyond fillings. Curing lights can also be used to make dentures or fix discolored teeth. The lights use heat to manipulate the material into whatever shape the dentist needs.

Since dental experts use curing lights so often, they must be of the highest quality possible. This is where light meters come into play. Manufacturers test the curing lights using light meters to make sure they’re working as they should. Yet, before the light meters can be used to test the accuracy of the curing lights, they must undergo light meter calibration services. After all, the testing equipment must also be tested before it can actually be used in the real world. Gamma Scientific is a leader in the light measurement field. We’ve sold top-of-the-line testing equipment to manufacturers for over fifty years. Furthermore, we’re an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. We understand how essential these devices are to the efficiency of multiple professions around the world. Thus, we want every product to be safe and follow governmental guidelines. We promise that safety and product quality are two of our top priorities.

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