SpectralLED® Uniform Intensity Tunable Light Sources

The award-winning SpectralLED® family of uniform intensity tunable light sources are designed to deliver unmatched resolution and accuracy. These adjustable wavelength LED light sources also have an operating lifetime and cost of ownership that cannot be duplicated with traditional light sources such as Tungsten-Halogen and Xenon lamps. With a fully spectrally tunable output, all you need is one SpectralLED light source to generate any arbitrary spectral power distribution, whether it be blackbody, daylight, fluorescent, LED, or something completely unique. By sweeping through individual LED channels, the SpectralLED can even emulate a traditional monochromator light source, with no moving parts and no halogen input illumination.

Independent 16-bit control on 35 LED channels provides infinite possibilities with more channels, brighter output, higher accuracy, and more powerful features than any other light source on the market. The SpectralLED firmware controls RMS fitting, calibration storage, and presets. Directly integrating these variable wavelength LED light sources into production lines or test systems is easy with universally compatible USB and RS-232 interfaces.