SpectralLED® Uniform Intensity Tunable Light Sources

The award-winning SpectralLED® family of uniform intensity tunable light sources are designed to deliver unmatched resolution and accuracy. These adjustable wavelength LED light sources also have an operating lifetime and cost of ownership that cannot be duplicated with traditional light sources such as Tungsten-Halogen and Xenon lamps. With a fully spectrally tunable output, all you need is one SpectralLED to generate any arbitrary spectral power distribution, whether it be blackbody, daylight, fluorescent, LED, or something completely unique. By sweeping through individual LED channels, the SpectralLED can even emulate a traditional monochromator light source, with no moving parts and no halogen input illumination.

Independent 16-bit control on 35 LED channels provides infinite possibilities with more channels, brighter output, higher accuracy, and more powerful features than any other light source on the market. The SpectralLED firmware controls RMS fitting, calibration storage, and presets. Directly integrating these adjustable wavelength LED light sources into production lines or test systems is easy with universally compatible USB and RS-232 interfaces.

Unprecedented Resolution and Accuracy

  • 32 discrete LED wavelengths from the UVA to the NIR
  • Powerful synthesis engine – quickly simulate any CIE Illuminant or MacBeth™ / X-Rite™ Color Patch
  • Flexible interface – built-in RMS spectral fitting for simulation of any user imported spectra
  • Uniform 75mm radiance output port or optional baffle tube for irradiance
  • Superior performance to tungsten-halogen and xenon lamps, with exponentially lower operating costs
  • Pure DC constant current drivers and built-in optical feedback photodiode system  – ensure accurate output in real-time
  • On-board thermo electric cooler and feedback – for precise LED temperature control
  • ISO/IEC 17025 NVLAP accredited calibration laboratory (lab code 200823-0) – ensures superior wavelength and color accuracy

Gamma Scientific is proud to introduce the latest innovation in uniform intensity light sources. The SpectralLED® family of tunable light sources, recipient of numerous innovation awards, incorporate up to 35 discrete wavelengths for synthesis of commercially available light sources or based on spectra that you import.  The platform is easily adaptable for automated test systems and production line integration, with integrated optical feedback and temperature control to ensure rock-solid stability and consistent results.



Incorporating the latest LED technology available, the RS-7-VIS series, comprised of 35 discrete wavelength LEDs, delivers a nearly continuous spectrum from 380nm to 1000nm. This allows for an unprecedented color gamut and applications otherwise impossible for traditional halogen or LED light sources. The RS-7-SWIR series employs LED’s at 9 discrete wavelengths from 900nm to 1700nm in the Short-Wave Infrared portion of the spectrum, providing a fully programmable spectra with highly uniform and stable output.

Unlimited Spectra Possibilities

  • Independent 16-bit control on all channels, provide virtually infinite spectral profiles
  • More channels, brightest output, highest accuracy & most powerful features available
  • No external software is required; the device  firmware controls RMS fitting, stores calibration  data and allows for custom presets
  • Direct integration into your process via USB and RS-232 interfaces

Unmatched  Accuracy and Reliability

  • Pure DC constant current driver with floating differential sensing
  • Zero flicker or uncertainty in the drive current
  • Integrated optical feedback controls optical  output power to within a fraction of a percent
  • On-board thermal management maintains LED  temperature for stable and precise wavelength control, even at high drive currents


Replace multiple instruments with a single device. With a fully spectrally tunable output, all you need is one SpectralLED® to generate any spectral power distribution. Whether it be blackbody, daylight, fluorescent, LED, or something completely unique.