Gamma Scientific is introducing the NED-LMD Waveguide Tester as the world’s first specialized near-eye display measurement system that mimics human visual perception for fast, accurate and repeatable characterization of next generation optical waveguide-based Augmented/Mixed Reality displays and display components (light engine, waveguide, etc.). This comprehensive offering features a ‘robotic eye’ to help device manufacturers predict how the human eye would perceive their AR/MR displays, quantifying end user experience mapping the entire display field of view.

The test station is uniquely integrated with a uniform, tunable backlighting source, the award-winning Gamma Scientific SpectralLED®, which helps simulate any environmental lighting conditions e.g. illuminant D65 (sunlight), within a 380 nm to 1,000 nm spectral range. This allows for automated tests like see-through transmittance, ambient contrast, etc.


  • The highest imaging resolution of any existing XR test instrument (>250pixels/deg)
  • The largest device field of view coverage (>160deg H, 90deg V)
  • Fully automated, standardized software test suite measuring see-through waveguide image quality and coloration defects (>20 individual tests, with and without ambient light mode)
  • Capable of a large dynamic range (0.05 – 10 million Nits) and accurate color measurements using an integrated spectroradiometer