The RS-10D is a precision source of radiant flux, used primarily to calibrate light-measuring instrumentation and as stimuli to measure detection devices. To maintain constant output, tungsten halogen lamps are used exclusively in combination with ultra-stable constant-current supplies incorporating shunt current measurement and comparison circuits. When used with its RS-70-X accessories, the RS-10D light source can be an absolute reference for producing standard outputs in luminance units of footlamberts, lamberts, candela/m2, horizontal candlepower (candela), and spectral radiance units of microwatts/cm2 *nm *steradian or illuminance units of lumens, footcandles, lumens/m2 (lux), and spectral irradiance units of microwatts/(cm2 * nm) or Watts/(m2 * nm) at a given distance.


  • Calibrate spectroradiometers, radiometers and photometers
  • Calibrate detector responsivity
  • Measure reflectance and transmittance

Precision Calibration Solutions

  • NIST traceable
  • Built-in timer shows elapsed time
  • 200-hour calibration/one year
  • Tungsten-halogen lamps for stable output
  • Calibration reports in units of luminance, illuminance, radiance and irradiance

In addition to our exceptional technical and functional capabilities, Gamma Scientific is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP (NVLAP lab code 200823-0).

RS-10D Uniform Light Source

Calibrated Wavelength Range @ Data Interval

300-1100 nm @ 5 nm

 Calibration Interval

 8.0 x 10-9 at 300 nm
 7.5 x 10-7 at 550 nm
 2.0 x 10-6 at 800 nm
 2.2 x 10-6 at 1100 nm

Output, Nominal Illuminance at 25 cm

 592 lm/m2 (LUX); 55 lm/ft2 (fc)

Nominal Radiance with RS-70-2 Diffuser

 6.2 x 10-9 at 300 nm
 1.0 x 10-6 at 550 nm
 9.0 x 10-6 at 800 nm
 6.5 x 10-5 at 1100 nm

Nominal Luminance with RS-70-2 Diffuser

850 cd/m2

Correlated Color Temp. (CCT)

2856 ± 20K Reported to ± 7K

Correlated Color Temp. with RS-70-2 Diffuser

2575 ± 50K Reported to ± 7K

Uniformity of Diffuser

±3% over 25 mm

NIST Standards of Irradiance Output Uncertainty


Uniformity of Exit Port


Uniformity of Irradiance Plane Normal to Exit Port

±2% over 50 mm; diameter at 25cm


197 mm (7.8 in) L x 175 mm (6.9 in) W x 203 mm (8.0 in) H          2.8 kg (6.25 lb)

Regulator Type

Constant current

Output Current

4A maximum

Current Accuracy, Long Term

Better than 0.5%


Better than 0.2%

Temperature Drift

Less than ±.25%/10°C

Temperature Range

15°C to 35°C


10%-85% non-condensing


Less than ±0.2% change for 10 Volt line change

Thermal drift After 8 Minute Warmup

Less than 0.1%

Current Ramp On/Off Time

Approximately 30 seconds


100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz          30 Watts Maximum

If uncalibrated output at approximately 2856K is acceptable for your application, please specify item number RS-10DU at time of order.

Specifications are subject the change without notice.


 Also please see P/N  43495     Goniometer mounting bracket for RS-10D, compatible with 940LED-1200 and 940-1850.