Radiance vs. Irradiance: The Differences

Radiance vs. Irradiance: The Differences

The display measurement industry is incredibly complex. Experts in the field have to be laser-focused all the time, so they don’t make mistakes. If you’ve ever talked to someone in the profession, you were probably amazed at all the information they’ve stored in their heads. These individuals understand so much about light and its uses in our daily lives. Professionals also comprehend the differences between radiance vs. irradiance. This article will attempt to put these dissimilarities into layman’s terms so that everyone, not just the experts, can understand them.

What Is Radiance?

Radiance refers to the amount of power transmitted, reflected, or emitted by a surface. It’s measured by the unit power per solid angle per unit projected area. Sounds a little intense, right? Don’t let the scientific jargon scare you. Instead, picture a football field. The light falling onto the football field would be measured as radiance. In this next section, we’ll discuss what irradiance looks like and why it’s important.

What About Irradiance?

Irradiance is the light received from a light source. So, in the football field scenario, the lightbulbs shining onto the field would be measured as irradiance. Here lies a good point to discuss distance. Irradiance decreases as the light source gets further away from a surface. Going back to the football field scenario, irradiance levels would be rather low since the light sources would be rather far away from the field.

This article has overviewed the differences between radiance vs. irradiance. When broken down into laymen’s terms, the concepts aren’t too hard to understand. At this point, it’s crucial to note how these factors are measured. Essentially, experts use tunable light sources to determine the power of every light source and how it affects certain services. Manufacturers must get their lights tested before placing them on the market to ensure they meet all governmental standards. Gamma Scientific sells superior testing equipment for those in the market. We understand how vital these measurements are, and we want to do our part to keep everyone safe.