The GS-1160B portable spectroradiometer is a compact, high-speed and light weight spectrometer / flicker meter suitable for color and luminance measurement of all display types including LCD, LED, OLED and Quantum Dot displays.

The GS-1160B platform’s cutting edge spectrometer technology is superior to filter based colorimeters as it is not affected by filter matching errors. It delivers true spectral based measurement accuracy that is required for the higher color saturation and wider color gamut of OLED displays. It’s advanced electronics and software design results in accurate and repeatable measurement speeds at more than 10X the speed of existing, status-quo spectrometers.

User interface options include USB and RS-232. Along with an available API command set for custom test suites, this desktop version of our handheld unit is ideally suited to applications in a laboratory or industrial setting. It is supported by LightTouch uSpectrum and uFlicker software for color and flicker analysis.