The VDU-1160 is a next generation family of 2D spectral imaging colorimeters combining the strengths of a CCD image sensor and high performance spectroradiometer. This results in a rapid and highly accurate system for display measurements including luminance, correlated color temperature (CCT), CIE chromaticity and uniformity. The system is particularly well suited for test and characterization of LCD, LED, OLED and quantum dot displays. Laboratory grade accuracy and flexibility are combined with high speed and durability for demanding production environments.

Unlike traditional colorimeters, this next generation design eliminates the need for color filters. All aspects of system performance are improved over previous generation technology with this approach.

Rapid, Accurate and Repeatable Display Characterization

  • No color filters, significantly improving speed and accuracy
  • Luminance, color and uniformity measurements
  • 2D, XYZ, Yxy, Yuv, Duv, CCT and local contrast
  • Contrast, white balance and color gamut determination
  • User-programmable regions of interest
  • Auto ranging and auto dark calibration
  • Integrated spectroradiometer 
  • Spectral measurement and data including spectrum, peak and dominant wavelength
  • ISO 17025 certified and NIST traceable calibration



Camera Specifications
Active Image (H x V)4096 x 3000 (12.29 MP)
Pixel Size (μm)3.45 μm
Sensor Size1.1″ Diagnonal
Measurement Range0.05 cd/m2 to 50,000 cd/m2
LuminanceAccuracy± 1% compared to spectroradiometer
ColorAccuracy± 0.001 in CIE1931 x,y compared to spectroradiometer
Repeatability0.0005 in CIE1931 x,y
Integration Time Range30 μs to 10 seconds
Measurement Parameters

Luminance (cd/m2)

Correlated color temperature (CCT)

CIE chromaticity coordinates (1) CIE 1931 x,y coordinates (2) CIE 1931 XYZ value

Dealta uv (Duv)

Wavelength Range (nm)380 to 780
Wavelength Data Increment (nm)1
Wavelength Reproducibility± 1nm
Luminance *1*2Measurement Range0.05 ~ 50,000 cd/m2
Accuracy± 2%
Repeatability (2σ)0.2%
Color *1*2Measurement Range0.05 ~ 50,000 cd/m2
Accuracy±0.002 in CIE1931 x,y for white
Repeatability (2σ)0.0005 in CIE1931 x,y for white
Stray Light-25 dB max *3
Polarization Error< 3%
Integration Time Range100 μs to 5 sec
System Configuration
InterfaceEthernet 100/1,000, USB2.0
Power12V, 3A
Dimensions (mm)169 W x 150 L x 160 H <3.4kg
Environmental15 to 35 °C, relative humidity 70% or less without condensation

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

*1 Luminance and color testing are based on standard light source at 2856K, 6500K & 9300K      

*2 Measure in normal mode with temperature 23±2 °C and relative humidity 50% or less

*3 Using 550nm monochromatic light input and measuring stray light ratio at 550nm ±40nm

*4 30Hz AC/DC 10% sine wave unless otherwise specified