The RS-12DN is a NIST Traceable source that can be used as a white light standard of spectral radiance or luminance.  The insertion of the filter/aperture assembly transforms the unit into an NVIS display simulation source approximating a green cockpit display with a designed level of near infrared output against which a spectroradiometer or radiometer can be calibrated.

Three calibrations and certificates are supplied. First, a white-light source calibration is performed from 380 to 1100 nm. The second calibration is with the filter inserted with nominal luminance output of 45 footlamberts, and the third calibration is with the filter and aperture. Nominal output is 1 footlambert and 10-10 AR (Anvis Radiance).


  • NVIS testing and calibration
  • Calibrate spectroradiometers, radiometers and photometers
  • Calibrate detector responsivity
  • Measure reflectance and transmittance