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AR/VR for human factors is both critical and complex. For over 40 years, Gamma Scientific has been an industry leader in standard methods testing and characterization, ensuring the best user experience.

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For more than 40 years, Gamma Scientific has created and perfected Near Eye Display NED™ testing instruments for Heads-Up Displays. With the emergence of AR/VR technologies, we quickly became the leader in early-phase R&D and incubation testing. Today, with AR/VR markets maturing, we are expanding our solutions in support of large scale consumer adoption and the requirements of volume-production. At every point in the NPI process, Gamma Scientific has the products and expertise, as well as the ability to create custom solutions, in support of the tremendous growth ahead. 

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We Copy The Human Eye. Competitors Copy Us

Creating a high-quality AR/VR user experience for all is very difficult to achieve and poses critical hardware design & testing challenges. This is because AR & VR are wearable vision devices and it’s difficult to predict how each human user will perceive the virtual content produced by these headsets. We have different head shapes, pupil sizes, eyeglass prescriptions, interpupillary distances, vergences accommodations, etc. Designing AR/VR equipment that accounts for these critical and complex human factors requires testing equipment that does the impossible…mimics the human eye and its countless variations.

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Complete solutions that reduce costs and increase quality.

  • Improve product quality

    Specialized test instruments for qualifying AR/VR at every step of the new product introduction process.

  • Speed Time To Market

    NED Wave™ software provides a unified software platform that seamlessly transitions from R&D to Volume Production. All the product characterizations defined in the R&D process are immediately available in the production environment saving critical time and budget.


    With AR/VR device demand expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, Gamma Scientific systems provide fast, accurate, and reliable test results in the most demanding production environments.

E-Series Robotic Eye Platform

Due to the endless variety of human vision conditions, AR/VR for human factors are both critical and complex. Gamma Scientific was the first to recognize that useful test systems must accurately mimic the human eye – in function, resolution and accuracy. As such, we were the first company to develop the E-Series ‘robotic eye’ AR/VR tester which characterizes devices just as a human eye will experience them.

M & W-Series Benchtop Platform

For high-volume production environments, Gamma Scientific Benchtop solutions provide instananeous device characterization. Our M-Series medium field of view series is optimized for high-resolution devices often associated with AR applications. Our W-Series wide field of view series are designed to capture up to 158° FOV commonly used in VR applications.

W150: 150deg diagonal


Wide angle capture

M80: 80deg diagonal


High Resolution capture matching human eye

Comparison chart

6-Axis Robotic Eye X X X
Benchtop X X
Resolution (ppd) 250 250 144 59 250
FOV Horizontal 160° 160° 65° 150° 160°
FOV Vertical 45° / 90° 90° 48° 117° 90°
6-Axis Robotic Eye Benchtop Resolution (ppd) FOV Horizontal FOV Vertical
NED™E X 250 160° 45° / 90° READ MORE
NED™ RX X 250 160° 90° READ MORE
NED™ M X 144 65° 48° READ MORE
NED™ W X 59 150° 117° READ MORE
NED™ WG X 250 160° 90° READ MORE

Standardizing NED™ metrology

With any new industry, it is necessary to standardize test metrics and terminology for quality control and assurance Being prominent leaders in this space, we actively contribute to the development of international standards for NED metrology.

Richard Austin

Gamma Scientific's President/CTO is Chair of the ICDM committee (International Committee of Display Metrology, part of SID) that drafts standards for AR/VR (published as IDMS, Information Display Measurement Standard). He also serves as the US Expert on the IEC committee.

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