Near Eye Display Measurement System – HighRes Goniometric

The world’s most comprehensive test systems to completely characterize augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and heads-up displays (AR, VR, MR and HUDs) by truly emulating the human eye and conforming to the latest standards being developed by the IEC and SID.

This award winning ‘Robotic Eye’ uniquely correlates the measurements to a human user for meaningful, high resolution, zero distortion and wide field of view 3D spatial + spectral mapping of the qualified viewing space of near-eye displays.

The product features a fully automated software test suite, GSNEDTest, with over 20 unique tests, quick test results, live plots and automatic test report generation capability. It also includes an in-built pattern generator tool and versatile SDK for building custom tests; thereby making it an ideal solution for R&D design validation.

Measurement Capabilities

Center Color and Luminance

Luminance and Color Uniformity

Field of View (FOV) by Luminance & Contrast

MTF Curves & Device Contrast Mapping

Design EyeBox Mapping by Luminance & Contrast

Auto Virtual Image Distance

Image Geometric Distortion

Chromatic Aberration


Left / Right Eye Parallax

Color Gamut Area

Checkerboard Contrast

FOFO or Sequential ContrastSlant Edge MTF
Interpupillary Distance (IPD) by Luminance & Contrast9-point Image Translational Contrast
Veiling GlareGhost
Flicker & Response TimeSpectral Transmittance
Ambient Contrast
  1. The world’s first near-eye display solution with true eye motion correlation (using 6-axis industrial robot) for the highest precision full characterization of AR, VR, MR and Heads-Up Displays.
  2. The only solution to offer both eye rotation and pupil rotation mechanisms that matches how the human eye moves through the qualified viewing space and sees different parts of the virtual image; extremely valuable to manufacturers for optical design validation of their near-eye displays.
  3. The only solution capable of high resolution and precision design eye-box mapping by both luminance and MTF/Contrast at different eye reliefs.
  4. The only solution delivering high resolution of 250pixels/degree over a wide field of view of 160° (H) and upto +/-44°(V). This is even higher than visual acuity (VA) of humans.
  5. The only solution offering AutoFocus with high precisionlarge focus range of -10D to +10D (+/- 0.1m to infinity). Active field of view 16°(H) x 12°(V).
  6. Patented optical design (US Patent No. 10,257,509) with a built-in autocollimator and LED spot projector for alignment to the optical axis.
  7. Small entrance pupil, 2mm to 5mm, for positioning within the qualified viewing space (QVS) of the Device Under Test for valid luminance measurements.
  8. Lightweight and compact telescope with a small measurement head. Easily fits within the commercial near-eye displays.
  9. The only solution with true color measurements using a high color accuracy, high sensitivity and high dynamic range integrated spectroradiometer.
  10. The only solution with 1deg and 2deg foveal region correlation for CIE color and luminance measurements.
  11. Low Light Measurement Capability with high repeatability and sensitivity from 10,000 cd/m2 to 0.05 cd/m2
  12. Flexible and comprehensive software, easily customizable with SDKs in Python, C/C++, C#, javascript. Software support available.
  13. Ergonomic form factor with a Rackmount Cabinet supporting a height-adjustable workstation and integrated optical breadboard for robot and DUT mounts.
  14. The world’s most comprehensive list of measurements for a complete characterization of the DUT conforming to the latest standards being developed by the IEC and SID, in close collaboration with NIST, USA.
  15. Gamma Scientific is an ISO 17025 accredited lab and has in-depth knowledge in the field with over 40 years of experience in near-eye display measurements.

NED-LMD E-series Offerings:

  1. NED-LMD E100 – Small Range Robot for Field of View Coverage of 160 deg (H) x 44 deg (V)
  2. NED-LMD E101 – Large Range Robot for Field of View Coverage of 160 deg (H) x 88 deg (V)
  3. NED-LMD-TST – Send us your AR, VR, MR, HUD device for Reality Verified TM lab testing today!