The 5000 FEL 1000-Watt tungsten-halogen Lamp Source System provides absolute calibration of spectral irradiance from 250 to 2500 nm. The system can be configured simply as a lamp (bearing the ANSI designation of FEL & calibrated to the 2000 NIST irradiance scale), or to include accessories such as a lamp holder, alignment jig, lamp housing, power supply and shunt box.  Lamp calibration is directly traceable to NIST, employing the 2000 NIST scale from 250 to 2400nm. 

  • Quartz halogen, ANSI type FEL, 1000 Watt lamp
  • Spectral range from 250 to 2500 nm
  • Operating current ranging from 1.0 to 8.3 A
  • 193 tabulated spectral irradiance points, consisting of 34 direct transfer and 159 derived points
  • Available in both calibrated and uncalibrated configurations
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by NVLAP (NVLAP lab code 200823-0)


Watts / cm2 – nm

 250 nm 1.55 x 10-8
 350 nm 7.44 x 10-7
 555 nm 1.04 x 10-5
 1100 nm 2.09 x 10-5
 1700 nm 1.09 x 10-5
 2500 nm 4.17 x 10-6


 Accuracy Values

 Spectral Irradiance Uncertainty

 (NIST standards – see Tech note 262)

 ± 1.94% at 250 nm

 ± 0.8% from 450 – 1600 nm

 ± 2% from 1600 – 2400 nm

 ± 5.0% at 2500 nm

 Illuminance and Luminous Intensity

 ± 3%

 Chromaticity Coordinates

 ± 0.2%

 Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

 ± 5° K

Model 5000-16A Selected, Seasoned 1000 Watt Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Not calibrated, with bi-post base. Please contact factory for additional information.


Model 5000-16-C Selected, Seasoned 1000 Watt Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Calibrated (250-100nm). Must be used in conjunction with 5000-17 Lamp Alignment Jig and 5000-18 Lamp Holder.  Please contact factory for additional information.


Model 5000-17 Lamp Alignment Jig

The Model 5000-17 lamp alignment jig is used to align the 5000-18 lamp holder with respect to the optical axis of the instrumentation to be calibrated. It consists of a rodmounted piece of plane glass that contains intersection scribe marks. These marks are precisely positioned (±0.0005 inch) with respect to the bottom of the medium bi-post base.


Model 5000-18 Lamp Holder

The Model 5000-18 lamp holder is based on the original NIST design as described in NIST tech Note 594-2. Its kinematic design permits precise positioning and repositioning of the lamp standard when used with the 5000-17 lamp alignment jig. Once alignment of the lamp holder is achieved, lamps can be readily interchanged with minimal loss of accuracy. The positioning surfaces consist of one “V-shaped” contact and one “tongue” contact that work with the spring loaded cylinders to precisely secure the lamp bi-posts. An adapter baseplate permits the lamp holder to be mounted directly into Gamma Scientific’s Model 5000-6 lamp housing. This adaptor can simply be removed from the lamp holder in applications that do not require the 5000-6 lamp housing.


Model 5000-6 Lamp Housing

Compact and portable, the 5000-6 lamp housing shields the 1000-watt lamp from users while eliminating stray light from room reflections.  A proprietary thermal exhaust design and integrated fans maintain a constant working temperature for the lamp, and an integrated elapsed time meter tracks lamp usage.


Model 5000-6B Precision Shunt Box

The 5000-6B Precision Shut Box provides a high precision dual shunt circuit for monitoring of lamp current.  Connections are provided for an external 6.5 digit voltmeter (not included).  This item has NIST traceable calibration


Model 5000-2c Single Output DC Power Supply


Model 5000-2c 2000W, Single Output DC Power Supply Specifications
 Line Regulation 0.05%

 Output Ratings



 0 to 18 A

 0 to 120 V

 Programming Accuracy




 12 mA

 120 mV

 Ripple and Noise from 20 Hz to 20 MHz

     Voltage rms

     Voltage p-p

     Current rms


 1.9 mV

 16 mV

 12 mA

 Weight 28.2 kg
 Dimensions 426 mm W x 133mm H x 640 mm D
 Failsafe Ciruit Yes
 Circuit Breaker Yes
 Warranty 1 year
 Long-term Accuracy

 0.05% over 8 hours

 0.1% over 1000 hours

 Operating Temperature Range 0 to 55° C