The LED / micro LED / Luminaire Total Flux Measurement System combines our high performance RadOMA GS-1220 spectroradiometer platform and a 3-port, 0.5-meter diameter integrating sphere.  The system includes our Light Touch LED software, Light Touch Controller and a 2m flexible fiber optic coupler. Optimized for quality control and high speed LED testing applications, optical integration times range from 2 µsec to 3 seconds. 

Precision-matched Measurement Solutions

  • NIST-traceable system calibration for accurate, reproducible results
  • High-speed LED testing with integration time from 2 µsec to 3 seconds
  • Exceptional dynamic measurement capability for high and low light intensities
  • Temperature controlled sensors for superior repeatability
  • Windows® based control / analysis software integration with Excel® integration
  • Available on-site installation and training
  • Measures lumens, total power, color parameters such as λp, λd, CIE x,y, HPBW, CRI, CCT

In addition to our exceptional technical and functional capabilities, Gamma Scientific is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP (NAVLAP lab code 200823-0).

1220 RadOMA Spectroradiometer Specifications

Wavelength Range

360 nm to 900 nm  (UV or IR extended ranges available)

Data Point Interval


Spectral Bandwidth

User selectable from 1 nm to 10 nm – factory set at 2.5 nm

Wavelength Repeatability

0.02 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

± 0.1 nm

Luminous Intensity Accuracy

± 0.1%

Luminous Flux Accuracy

± 0.1%

Chromaticity (CIE1931 x,y)

x, y ± 0.0015

Dominant Wavelength

± 0.5 nm

Luminous Intensity (10:1 signal-to-noise)

0.02 mcd to 15 kcd

Luminous Flux

(12” sphere, 10:1 signal-to-noise)

1 mlm to 240 klm

Illuminance Sensitivity (10:1 signal-to-noise)

0.02 mlux to 15klux

Measuring Time (range)

2 µsec to 2.67 sec

Measuring Time at 1 mcd

40 msec

Stray Light

< 1 x 10-4  (assuming 8 x the HPBW from a HeNe laser)

Spectral Sensor

High resolution 2048 pixel CCD

Temperature Stabilized Sensor

5° C below ambient

Electrical Resolution

16 bit

Dynamic Range (single scan)


Computer Interface

USB 2.0

Control Software

LightTouchTM LED software for Windows®


 Model GS-IS-20 Integrating Sphere Specifications


0.5 meter (20-in)        (diameters are available from 1-inch to 120-inches)

Internal Coating

Barium Sulfate         PTFE is available on some optional sphere sizes

Internal Baffles


Number of Ports

3   Others are available as custom options

Port Locations

0° (detector), 90° (2pi), 180° (auxiliary lamp)

Operating Temperature

0 to 85° C


< 90% (non-condensing)


Floor-standing, Includes casters


Specifications are subject to change without notice