The 940 LED-200 Series Goniometer is optimized to provide precise measurement of angle dependent spatial radiation properties of LEDs and small luminaires, accommodating sample sizes up to 200 mm in diameter.

940 LED Goniometers can be combined with a Gamma Scientific Spectroradiometer or UDT Series photometer depending on your specific measurement needs. Combining the goniometer with a spectroradiometer allows for measurement of luminous flux, color coordinates and CRI. Connecting the goniometer to a photometer provides fast measurements of spatial light distribution.


  • Rapid, precise characterization of spatial light distribution
  • Accurate measurement of LED luminaires, lamps and modules
  • Models optimized for specific sample sizes
  • Work seamlessly with our spectroradiometers or photometers to measure luminous flux, color coordinates or CRI
  • Conform with CIE, DIN and IES standards