Gamma Scientific has a catalog of available standard spheres designed for general use or specific applications, as a light source or detector, and more.  Each configuration relies on some general theory for using an integrating sphere:

  • Depending on the application, a standard integrating sphere will have at least 2 ports – 1 input port & 1 output port
  • All ports on a sphere are typically orthogonal to the sample port position
  • The sphere is mounted such that the sample input port is perpendicular to the ground
  • Inside the sphere, there is typically a baffle between the sample input port and all other ports to avoid directly viewing the light from the sample
  • The sample input port will allow the user to apply a reference light source in order to calibrate the system*
  • Everything inside must be coated uniformly, and any open port that is not being used should have a coated port cover in place to avoid light traps

*assuming the use of absolute photometry