Our LM-Series integrating spheres are optimized for light measurement applications, and include both standard and one-of-a-kind custom solutions, ranging from 25 mm to 2 meters in diameter. Access options include hinged and sliding rail opening.

The products can be coupled with our full range of light measurement instrumentation including spectroradiometers, photometers and radiometers – or coupled with a light source for uniform intensity output. 

Gamma Scientific is an ISO17025 accredited calibration facility (NVLAP lab code 200823-0).


  • LED and SSL Lighting Test & Characterization
  • Lamp Test and Characterization
  • Laser Power Measurement
  • Fiber-Optic Testing
  • Photometric and Radiometric Measurements
  • As a Uniform Light Source

Accurate, Flexible Light Measurement Solutions

  • Options for Total Luminous Flux Measurements
  • Options for Optical Power Measurements
  • Couple with our SpectralLED® Light Sources for Highly Uniform Light Output with up to 600mm Port Size
  • Hinged and Sliding Rail Opening Options
  • Light-tight Closure & Internal Baffles
  • Lightweight and Rugged Coatings from the UV through the NIR

Ask about custom configurations, including integrated light measurement solutions




Internal Baffles


 25 mm      (1 in)

 PTFE or Barium Sulfate



 38 mm      (1.5 in)

 PTFE or Barium Sulfate



 100 mm    (4 in)

 PTFE or Barium Sulfate



 150 mm    (6 in)

 PTFE or Barium Sulfate



 200 mm    ( 8 in)

 PTFE or Barium Sulfate



 300 mm    (12 in)

 Barium Sulfate



 300 mm    (12 in)

 Barium Sulfate



 500 mm    (20 in)

 Barium Sulfate



 1 meter     (40 in)

 Barium Sulfate



 1.5 meter  (60 in)

 Barium Sulfate



 2 meter     (80 in)

 Barium Sulfate



 Standard Port Locations


 0° and North Pole or 0° and 90°


 0°, 90°,  and North Pole


 0°, 90°, 270° and North Pole


 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° and North Pole

Contact us for custom sizes, number of ports or port locations, or complete integrated light measurement solutions.  

Specifications are subject to change without notice.  

Most of our integrating spheres are available with either a Barium Sulfate or PTFE coating on the internal surface.

Consider specifying PTFE – when the highest possible reflectance and best linearity over the widest possible wavelength range is required, PTFE is recommended. 

Consider specifying Barium Sulfate – when a slightly lower reflectance or a bit less linearity versus wavelength is acceptable — and cost is important, Barium Sulfate is recommended. It also has superior durability characteristics when compared to PTFE. 

Please note that external coating options may also be available, including gloss or flat finish and a number of color options.  Please contact the factory for further information.

Hinged Opening or Sliding Rail Configuration

  • Please specify at the time of order
  • Contact the factory for pricing and configuration options


Photodetector with Amplifier Configurations

  • Total luminous flux with self-absorption
  • Excellent photometric compensation with a filter error < 3%
  • Logging feature allows for burn-in observation to evaluate stabilization


Spectroradiometer with Collector Configurations

  • Total luminous flux with self-absorption
  • CRI, CIE, x & y, and CCT values collected
  • Spectral power distribution
  • UV, IR, and UV + IR + VIS options


Large Output Port, Uniform Intensity Light Sources

  • Wavelength Options From the UVA to the Near Infrared
  • Quickly Simulate any CIE Illuminant or Macbeth™ / X-  RITE™ Color Patch
  • Built-in RMS Spectral Fitting for Simulation of User  Imported Spectra
  • Constant Current Drivers & Built-in Optical Feedback  Ensure Accurate & Flicker-free Output in Real Time



Part NumberDescription
25694Optional 2p port adapter for 210mm ports, for use with 2p T1 LED holder (1 inch) or 2p lamp holder (2 inch).
40173Optional 2p T1 LED holder for use with spheres with 1 inch ports, or with model 25694 2p port adapter.
25693Optional 2p lamp holder (2 inch) for use with integrating spheres with 2-inch ports, or with model 25694 2p port adapter.
25698Cable and mating connector for use with 25693 2p lamp holder.
25566E27 lamp socket, for 2p installation using 25693 2p lamp holder.
25697E27 to G4 lamp socket adapter.
25692E27 lamp socket, for 4p installation on sphere center post.
42691Fiber Probe Adapter, for 1 inch port
15810-5SMA port adapter. Fits 1 inch diameter sphere ports.
15810-7 Port cover, BaSO4 coated, for 1 inch diameter sphere ports.
15810-8Port cover, BaSO4 coated, for 2.5 inch diameter sphere ports.
44471Port adapter, holds UDTi model 211 sensor.
54671Detector cradle, for mounting detectors to tripod.
25696T8 tubular lamp holder, adjustable length, mounts to center post of GS-IS-80 sphere.