LambdaMeter Laser Wavelength Measurement Device

The LambdaMeter laser intensity meter represents a significant advancement in real-time laser wavelength and power measurements. Using a multi-channel photodiode system, the unit provides accurate laser wavelength measurements combined with power measurements at a fraction of the cost of traditional spectrometers.
Using proprietary optical filtering techniques, the LambdaMeter laser intensity meter is able to resolve wavelength with +/-0.5nm accuracy and +/-0.01nm repeatability. High dynamic range is achieved using a transimpedance amplifier with five gain ranges and 24bit ADCs. Rock-solid stability and a reduced noise floor are realized via temperature stabilized detectors and optical filters.

Key Applications

  • Monochromator wavelength measurement
  • Real-time production testing for wavelength and amplitude
  • 940nm vcsel testing for facial recognition
  • LED device or wafer level test & characterization
  • Production line or laboratory us