This semi-automatic gonio-reflectance measurement system automatically captures complete spectral & colorimetric properties at 0° and 45° angle of incidence simultaneously, for coated glass, polished substrates or diffuse surfaces without requiring second-surface masking. Substrates as thin as 500 µm can be tested with typical scan times of 200 msec per measurement point. 

Based on high precision spectroradiometric instrumentation,  proprietary measurement techniques and expertise in low-light measurement technology developed by Gamma Scientific, the product range features industry-leading accuracy, repeatability and throughput, including both refractive index determination and thin film coating thickness.


  • Anti-reflectance coating characterization
  • Flat-panel display glass testing
  • Touchscreen display glass testing
  • Optical filter / lens testing
  • Pyrolytic glass coating test & characterization
  • Characterization of flat panel displays, photovoltaic coatings, low-E architectural coatings, paint samples and diffuse plastics