Near Eye Display Measurement System – Wide Field of View

The world’s first wide field of view near-eye display light measurement device coupled with an integrated precision spectroradiometer that ensures single snapshot, high speed, high spectral accuracy characterization of AR, VR, MR and Heads-Up Displays. The benchtop instrument features a large 158deg field of view, motorized focus lens and a small 5mm entrance pupil to emulate the human eye. Its robust design and easy-to-use software with automated Device-Under-Test (DUT) Pass/Fail analysis allow it to be easily integrated on production lines.

Measurement Capabilities

Center Color and Luminance

Luminance Uniformity

Color Uniformity

Color Gamut Area

Checkerboard Contrast

FOFO of Sequential Contrast

Image Geometric Distortion

Chromatic Aberration

Slant Edge MTF

Flicker & Response Time

Spectral Transmittance

Wide Field of View Telescope

Entrance Pupil Size

6mm standard

Fixed – 4mm, 3mm, 2mm options available

Camera Sensor

CMOS, 24MP, Color, dual stage TEC

6024 (H) x 4024 (V) pixels,

3.91um x 3.91um pixel size


USB 3.0



Lens Active Field of View

120deg (H) x 90deg (V)

Lens Distortion


Implemented correction

Lens Resolution

50 pixels/deg, >20% MTF


Focus Travel Range

0 to 4 D (0.25m to infinity)

Auto Focus capability

Polarization Sensitivity


Between s- and p-

Humidity, Temperature and Dust Control

Yes, suited for mass production environment

Lens Barrel Diameter


Dimension and
Universal Input

26.5” x 8.8” x 12.0”

100-240V AC, 3.0A

Integrated Spectroradiometer Specs


Used for high accuracy Color Calibration of the camera sensor pixels

Fiber length


Nominal Spectral Range

425nm to 700nm

Accuracy: +/-0.2nm



Spectral Bandwidth


Wavelength Accuracy


Luminance Measurement Range

10,000 Cd/m2 to 0.05 Cd/m2

Power Supply, Interface

15VDC, USB 2.0, USB 3.0