The NED-LMD M-Series product range delivers the ideal all-in-one solution for high speed, high resolution, and high accuracy testing of near-eye displays. The M-80 model configuration is the world’s first integrated medium field of view (MFOV) quality analysis solution that matches human eye resolution and is specifically designed for high volume product environments. It features a custom-designed motorized focus lens which covers 65o (H) by 48o (V) FOV for high fidelity 3D spatial and spectral characterization of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Heads-Up Displays (VR, AR, MR, and HUDs). The systems conform to the latest standards being developed by the ICDM committee of the SID and IEC.

  • Wide-angle field of view objective lens with 80° diagonal FOV
  • 3-5 mm entrance pupil to emulate the human eye
  • 0 to 4 diopters motorized focus lens for AutoFocus control
  • High sensitivity, high dynamic range for color and luminance measurements
  • Optional fiber-coupled GS-1290 spectroradiometer for increased color accuracy
  • Patented SLR viewing system with integrated LED measurement spot projector and autocollimator
  • Easy to use software with quick test results, plots and pass/fail analysis
Center Color and Luminance Luminance Uniformity
Color Gamut Area Field of View (FOV)
MTF and Contrast Geometric Distortion
FOFO or Sequential Contrast Chromatic Aberration
Checkerboard Contrast Flicker
Color Uniformity ANSI Contrast
Field of View (HxV)65 x 48 deg.
Angular Resolution30 cycles/deg
Angular Pixel Density144 pixels/deg, constant across the FOV
Autofocus Range (Virtual Object Distance)Infinity to 250 mm
Luminance Test Range0.1 – 25K cd/m2
Dynamic Range ExtensionBuilt-in ND filter
Image Sensor ArchitectureCMOS, Global Shutter, 65 MegaPixels
Active Pixels9344 (H) x 7000 (V)
Pixel Size3.2 μm x 3.2 μm
Image Sensor InterfaceCoaXPress V1.1.1 CXP3/6 – 4 lanes
Lens Front Barrel Diameter52 mm
Color Measurement/Calibration CapabilityIntegrated spectrometer
Flicker MeasurementBuilt-in sensor with FBW 80kHz (@-3dB)
Control InterfaceUSB 2.0, USB 2.0 over Ethernet (optional)
Input Power110 – 240V AC, 50-60Hz 2.5A
Dimensions, LxWxH317 x 230 x 470 mm