Near Eye Display Measurement System – HighRes Goniometric

The world’s most comprehensive test systems to completely characterize augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and heads-up displays (AR, VR, MR and HUDs) by truly emulating the human eye and conforming to the latest standards being developed by the IEC and SID.

This award winning ‘Robotic Eye’ uniquely correlates the measurements to a human user for meaningful, high resolution, zero distortion and wide field of view 3D spatial + spectral mapping of the qualified viewing space of near-eye displays.

The product features a fully automated software test suite, GSNEDTest, with over 20 unique tests, quick test results, live plots and automatic test report generation capability. It also includes an in-built pattern generator tool and versatile SDK for building custom tests; thereby making it an ideal solution for R&D design validation.

Also available with our Rx prescription system