Display technology is evolving very fast from traditional LCD technology. Newer technologies such as OLED, Quantum dot, and miniLED and MicroLED displays significantly improve the viewing experience with higher resolution, wider color gamut, and increased contrast. The display form factor is changing from rigid to flexible, curved, and even to stretchable and borderless applications.

The universal use of these technologies is present daily in our usage of cell phones, smartwatches, computers and laptops, as well as continuously improved TVs.

As technology improves and our screen usage increases, display testing becomes increasingly important in the display production process. Quality control and display production require proper display testing and metrology to ensure their newer technologies are uniform and meeting the standards for quality end user experience. Gamma Scientific display testing systems empower producers of display technologies with accurate, repeatable, and rapid testing solutions that enables them to optimize their display production processes, all while implementing efficiencies and reducing costs.

This enhancement in display production allows for endless possibilities in terms of application, advancement of production processes, and further outreach to consumers.

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