Benefits of a Tunable Light Source

Benefits of a Tunable Light Source

People take a lot of things for granted. Most of us just stare at our computers all day at work without even realizing the intense mechanisms involved in the process. For example, there’s so much equipment within the display industry; it’s not just computers. Tunable light sources are invaluable devices to those in the display industry. Read below to find out more about the different benefits of a tunable light source.

What’s a Tunable Light Source?

To understand the benefits of a tunable light source, it’s essential to explain what it is. A tunable light source is an illumination system that manipulates how we see color on a screen. Many of these sources are monochromatic—meaning, they help us adjust how we see black and white on a screen. Here at Gamma Scientific, we offer the best light sources on the market. Our devices aren’t monochromatic. In fact, our systems can sort through various colors on 35 LED channels.

They Last Longer

Now that we know what a tunable light source is, we can dive into the benefits of having one. The ones available at Gamma Scientific last much longer than other illumination systems on the market. The LEDs that are produced by our systems are much more reliable than the ones provided by Tungsten lamps. In actuality, tunable light sources last 20 times longer than Tungsten lamps. Also, the systems sold at Gamma Scientific are temperature-stabilized. This means that the devices cool themselves off before they get too hot. This cooling system is just one of the reasons the systems last longer than others on the market.

They’re Self-Adjusting

Another benefit of having a tunable light source is that they’re self-adjusting. At Gamma Scientific, the systems we offer operate on their own—there’s little human involvement. That means you don’t have to worry about adjusting your device by yourself. Instead, these systems recognize when there’s an error and know how to fix it. This will save you so much time in the lab. In fact, since 2001, less than 2% of all tunable light sources sold at Gamma Scientific have required human repairs. These devices are also high-speed. They switch between different colors and spectra very quickly with a setting time of fewer than 50 milliseconds.

They’re More Versatile

Finally, the tunable light sources available at Gamma Scientific are much more versatile than other illuminance systems on the market. Gamma Scientific prides itself on the fact that our systems maintain color and spectra consistency across all output levels. Any device from the SpectralLED family can configure various types of output optics. Essentially, this means that our products can configure many different colors to produce the brightest image possible. Moreover, this can all be done digitally, so you don’t have to go in and do it yourself.

For over fifty years, the Gamma Scientific team has led the way in manufacturing high-quality products for the entire display industry. Our award-winning tunable light source is just one piece of equipment that has helped laboratories become more efficient. Our devices have improved the efficiency of so many laboratories around the world.