How Does a Tunable Light Source Work

How Does a Tunable Light Source Work

Color changes our perception of the world. There’s nothing better than looking up at a bright blue sky on a summer day or staring at an orange sunset in the evening. Yet, as beautiful as color is, it’s important to measure how it affects the performance of the devices we use every day. Developers use tunable light sources to accomplish this goal. This article will answer the following question: how does a tunable light source work? After reading, you’ll have a stronger appreciation for the lengths manufacturers go to ensure that our machinery is safe to use.

What Is a Tunable Light Source?

tunable light source measures wavelength to determine how different colors affect the luminance or brightness of a machine. This equipment is incredibly complex. The remainder of this piece will discuss how a tunable light source works and the contraption’s applications.

SpectralLED® Tunable Light Source

For over fifty years, Gamma Scientific has led the pack in light precision and light measurement devices. One piece of machinery that Gamma Scientific is exceptionally proud of is the SpectralLED® tunable light source. The SpectralLED® TLS is ISO/IEC 17025 certified. This coveted certificate of accuracy further proves that Gamma Scientific develops top-of-the-line products that are safe and efficient.

The SpectralLED® is also incredibly user-friendly. The machine comes equipped with software that works with various programs, such as Windows. Essentially, you can use the software to make adjustments as you see fit. At the bottom of the screen, you can change color intervals or channels. Conversely, on the left-hand side of the screen, you can modify the target spectrum and units to determine how the wavelengths change based on different variables. As you switch things around, the machine will tell you what color/luminance will be the strongest based on those specifications.

What Are They Used For?

These light sources are used in many different fields. For example, a TLS is used in diagnostic medical illuminators, copier and scanner calibration, and ambient light sensor calibration. This machinery is most often used for its measurement capabilities. A TLS can increase responsivity, improve quantum efficiency, and repair pixel defects; plus, they have an extremely dynamic range. So, turn to Gamma Scientific for all your measurement needs. We’ll provide you with the best machinery to ensure that all of your devices are calibrated correctly.