The NED™ V-Series production/benchtop testers are 2D spectral imaging colorimeters designed for high-speed, high-resolution, and high-accuracy testing of near-eye displays. They feature models V24-75 with a 75-degree Field-of-View (FOV) and V24-100 with a 110-degree FOV. These testers provide rapid and precise measurements for luminance, CIE chromaticity, correlated color temperature, dominant and peak wavelength, spectral power distribution, and uniformity. The NED™ V-Series is ideal for device manufacturers in high-volume production environments. It combines laboratory-grade accuracy and flexibility with fast operation and durability, enabling characterization of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Heads-Up Displays (VR, AR, MR, and HUDs).

• 3-5 mm entrance pupil to emulate the human eye
• 0 to 8 diopters electronic/software focus lens accommodates
different virtual image distances.
• High sensitivity, high dynamic range for color and luminance
• Dedicated, easy to use software with quick test results, plots and
pass/fail analysis
• SDKs and support for easy integration into production lines