Plant growth obviously relies heavily on lighting conditions, and with increasing reliance on artificial lighting, test and characterization are mission-critical to yield productivity management. Manufacturers and growers searching for the best plant light measurement devices will benefit from our family of horticultural lighting testing solutions to ensure proper artificial lighting for their crops. These portable, handheld, and touch screen spectrometers provide high-precision, real-time lighting metrics and analysis. Manufacturers and growers are empowered with horticultural lighting testing equipment that is accurate and easy to use for easy control of production, safety, and yield.

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Designed for fast and accurate illuminance measurements for general lighting and LED applications.


In addition to a full range of spectrometer functions, it can also be used as a Quantum PAR Meter or an oscilloscope.


Spectral PAR Meter designed for agriculture and horticulture applications to understand ambient light conditions for plant growth.