With an increased awareness and necessity for rapid disinfection methods due to the current coronavirus pandemic, ultraviolet disinfection has become a viable method to achieve it. Determining the amount of UV energy the light source emits onto the surface to be disinfected is required to understand how long and at what power levels the source needs to be. This is where UV optical power and energy meters play an important role in achieving proper disinfection while remaining safe for people.

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Optical Meters

Ideal for photometric, radiometric, laser power, and fiber optic measurements. This system features a microprocessor controlled architecture with USB, RS-232, RS-485 and IEEE-488.2 interfaces

(Products are purchased as a system)

268 UVC Radiometric Sensor

Optimized for measurement at 254nm in the UVC portion of the spectrum (200-290 nm) via an integrated filter, and includes a diffuser to provide Irradiance measurements in W/cm^2.