Here at Gamma Scientific, we utilize an award-winning line of SpectralLED Tunable Light Source products for our image sensor calibration and image sensor characterization testing. Our multitude of testing applications allows for increased functionality for image sensor calibration and testing. Our equipment offerings are always made to meet rigorous industry standards in order to provide the best in camera image sensor testing efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability. We also provide spatial non-uniformity testing, responsivity and quantum efficiency, SWIR camera sensor calibration, CMOS image sensor testing, and much more.

See how your image sensor calibration processes can be optimized for your facility with our family of tunable light sources.

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SpectralLED Tunable LED Light Sources

32 discrete LED wavelengths from the UVA to the NIR, quickly simulate any CIE Illuminant or MacBeth™ / X-Rite™ Color Patch with uniform 75mm radiance output port or optional baffle tube for irradiance

Halogen-Based Calibration Light Sources

Used for optical calibration of light measurement instruments including spectroradiometers, photometers and radiometers for use in the most challenging testing environments.